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  • Can I trust Kayros?
    We are based in France, in Savoie in Aix-les-Bains. All our customers who trusted us and placed an order with us all had their delivery on time since all our products are in stock.
  • What is the point of going through Kayros?
    Our added value is to simplify your life and allow you to make a purchase with confidence. Kayros will ensure the quality of your watch as well as the original choice that we will allow you to make and finally within a reasonable budget at the market price.
  • What is the return policy for Kayros products?
    For all collector's watches for sale on Kayros, you have a period of 7 days to return your item. The 7-day date starts running from the date you receive your watch.
  • Who are the members of Kayros Montre Vintage?
    We are a bunch of watch enthusiasts and therefore collectors. The watches that are on sale on Kayros are our own watches and we are looking to renew our collections.
  • What are Kayros' guarantees?
    when a watch is for sale on Kayros, it means that it is in our inventory and is ready to be shipped. As soon as your order is validated, the watch is packaged and then delivered to a carrier (in principle Colissimo followed with declaration of value), you will receive your watch 2 to 3 working days later.
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